Game Development

As it is every kids dream to work on video games when they get older, we here at CCGnomes Limited decided that is what we are going to do! We specialize in the Unity 3D Game Engine primarily focusing on mobile games. The CCGnomes team is excited to announce The Cosmos Runners Series!!!

"Space Bear - The Cosmos Runners"

"Space Bear- The Cosmos Runners"

"Space Bear - The Cosmos Runners" is the first side-scrolling 2.5D platform game to feature Arcas the Brown Bear. Arcas is from The Ursa Major constellation of the Messier 81 Galaxy. You will take on all the obstacles and challenges Ratel and his Honeybadger clan can throw at you, as you run to a better future for Arcas and his people.

"Space Bear - The Cosmos Runner" started out as a side-scrolling 2.5D platform game using purchased assets such as a very basic cloudy sky background and a robot as the main character. The game was fun but needed a life and story. Over the past year our team has started to rebuild the world. You can see comparisons on our Artwork page. We have started updating the Background, GUI, and an all new character. We are also excited to announce the addition of a story to go along with the game play. For more about these updates check back soon and Subscribe for release dates and other updates.


"Space Dolphin - The Cosmos Runners"

"Space Dolphin - The Cosmos Runners"

"Space Dolphin - The Cosmos Runners" is the first, side-scrolling 2.5D free-runner game to feature Dippy the Dolphin from The Ursa Major constellation of the Messier 81 Galaxy. See how long you can last as you take on a whole armada of enemy's as you swim to save your galaxy.

"Space Dolphin - The Cosmos Runners" started as a, side-scrolling 2.5D free-runner game with an airplane as the main character. From there it grew into an extraordinary adventure with a dolphin exploring the Seas, Skies, and Space. As this was our first project and the reason for the formation of our company we didn't just want it to die as an old practice project. So we are excited to announce this as a future addition to our Cosmos Runner Series. The cosmos story has so much more to tell than "Space Bear - The Cosmos Runner", with " Space Dolphin - The Cosmos Runners" you will get to take on all new challenges by swimming away with Dippy the dolphin and his pals.

Many more games to come

We are excited to have so many great things coming your way. As soon as we have more information for you, we will bring it to you here. Be sure to Subscribe for more info and updates.