About Us

CCGnomes, CCGnomes Limited (CCG) is an American video game developer based in Aspen, Colorado. The company was established in 2017 as a game development company that works within the Unity3D Game Engine with a primary focus on mobile games.

Mission Statement

We are a Software design company focused on Games & Web Applications. Although centralized servers rule the world now they won’t in the future, we will build our company in a direction which our products represent a world in where you own your data & choose how to interact instead of forcing you to sell your data to participate in what could be a great ecosystem.

Customers of almost all current mobile apps are the product being sold to ad campaigns due to limitations on our current internet, we want to find a different way to bring you products, and to give the applications back to the customer. As we build applications we will strive to make users the focus, and not ad’s.

Sean Frankett

I am Sean Frankett, one of the Co-founders of CCGnomes Limited. My story began in Hilton Head, South Carolina where I played my first video games. Ever since a kid I have been enjoying and playing games as I grew up enjoying the different aspects and different stories each of these games had to offer.

Beginning back to the classic Nintendo Entertainment System I have been playing games that have sparked that interest of mine for almost my whole life. After this system came one of the greatest systems in my lifetime which was the Super Nintendo. While these games may seem a bit dated in this day and age, I still always find myself going back to play the classics like Super Mario Bros, and the Donkey Kong Country series.

As my journey through the ages continued moving from the 2D world into the 3D world of gaming, I have grown to enjoy all that these new games had to offer. Nintendo 64 was that big stepping stone for me shortly followed by the original PlayStation. Shortly after this I was brought into the world of PC gaming, I had played some educational games before moving into the real time strategy style games, and then not too long after I was consumed by a new a revolutionary game that changed everything for me, World Of Warcraft.

The journey did not stop there, and as time went by graphics and computing power has grown such an incredible amount every year to the next and then eventually I began dabbling with the idea that I too could create my own things, and bring them to life!

Mark Larsen

Hi Everyone,

I am Mark Larsen, one of the Co-founders of CCGnomes Limited. I grew up in a small town outside Hilton Head Island, SC called Pritchardville. In my younger life you could find me with my shoes off and a fishing pole in hand. Although any time I got my chance to partake in my love of video games I took advantage.

When I discovered my first video game addiction with the classic DOS PC game "Jill of the Jungle". This wasn't just a way to procrastinate from my school work, but became a part of my day to day life. I progressed to fall in love with all types of games as I grew up. From the Command & Conquer: Red Alert series on PC to Fable and Call of Duty on X-Box, the Civilization series to this day lives up to its name and beyond, to the current PUBG on PC. My life always seemed to have video games at the core, as an adult I don't see my life going much differently.

Although I may not play as many video games as an adult, I haven't let it stop them from being a huge part of my life. I've been lucky to have grown up with a friend which has the same passions about the future of gaming as I do. Sean and I have spent the past two years learning Unity (Game-building Engine). This will unlock our ability to put thoughts to action with our coming games. Check out our Game Development page for more information.

I love to focus my work on the games we build, but its not all I do. As someone who gets joy from making things look the way they should on the web, I have put my self to work on Fiverr. My hope is that I can help bring other brands to life in the digital world. Banding being a key component in online campaign, let me make yours a success with top of the line Vector Graphics via Fiverr. Explore the Artwork page for more of my plans for the future of our games and other work I'm involved in.